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San Diego / Aerial San Diego [54]

Most of these shots were carried out at low altitude from the open window of a 1969 Citabria. I will often shoot hand held with a 100-400 IS lens which allows me to stabilize the shot to some degree while I zoom in on specific framing. Many thanks go to the pilot who has been graciously helping me to further this project. San Diego is a complex system of air spaces, and this project could never be attempted without a talented pilot and excellent communication skills. Some factoids about the airplane: -Citabria (“Airbatic” spelled backwards) -150hp. Lycoming Engine -100mph cruise, 400 mi. range -Tandem seating (pilot and passenger) -Built by Campion Aircraft in Osceola, WI in 1969 -Designed for aerobatics & “bush” flying (off airport landings)