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archive for ‘2006’

Lights, if you please…
Red Room
My Hill
Landry’s Seafood Restaurant – Kemah Point
Bright Cactus Blooms
Red Dragon Fly

Nominee – 3rd annual Black & White Spider Awards – Nature
Sedona Red Rocks
Montezuma’s Castle
Suddenly Blue
Little Rectangles
Expressions 3

Expressions 2
Expressions 1
Pretty Birds
Napping in Concourse B

Goin’ Ballistic
Oklahoma City Federal Building Memorial
Oklahoma City Federal Building Memorial
Cowboy On A Plane
The Creepy Pumpkin Patch
Holding Hands

Beach Cruiser
Another Day, Another Set
Aeronautical Masterpiece
Blue Birds
Boy Throwing Stones

Dead Wood
Deer – Flatirons
The Little Fisherman
Angles II

Isaac Watts – Love and Sorrow Meet
Angry Eyes II
Mr Angry Eyes
The Passion Flower
Morning in the Flatirons
Walk in the Flatirons

Old Blue Chevrolet
Devin Garland in Denver
Humming Bird Feeding
Sunset on Kemah Boardwalk
Aerial View of Crystal Pier