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archive for ‘2007’

Slow Down This Christmas
Portrait of a Pelican
Mourning Cloak
Master Gardener
Beluga Whales
Humming bird perched near Mexican Sage

San Diego Harbor By Night
Going w-i-i-i-i-i-de The San Diego Skyline By Night
Airport Blues
Somewhere Near Waco…
Cracked Up

Vacancy – Villa Capri Motel on Coronado Island
Veterans, We Salute You!
Evening Stroll at the Hotel Del
Moved To Exit 359
Tiny People
The Clapping Man – Dallas, Texas

Line Of Sight – Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas
An Infamous Fence Line in Dallas
Good Night, Dallas!
Good Morning, Dallas

Nap Time
Long Gone…
Goose Gossage
Rollie Fingers
Friend Doug
Grasshopper perched on Mexican Bird of Paradise

Love is…
A Lazy Afternoon
Great Spangled Fritillary
Far Out!
Hayride In The Sierras
Painter and Painted

Pine Cone
The View From 11,000 Feet
Black Bear – Mammoth Lakes
A Black Bear scouts the shores of Lake Mary – Mammoth Lakes
Showing Them How It’s Done
Osprey Catching Trout – Mammoth Lakes

Jeweler’s Loupe
Shoebill On The Move
Ape Melancholy
Going Down
Yellow Fishing Boat – Mammoth Lakes
Sunset on Lake Mary – Mammoth Lakes, California