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archive for ‘animals’

The Piano As Art – “Pianicus Rex”
Ducks In Spring
Green on Green
Great Black and White Heron
Southern Painted Turtles – Mason Neck State Park, VA

Aerial San Diego – Lake Henshaw west of Anza Borrego
Reservations, Please
Lavender Flight
Male Bullocks Oriole
Female Bullocks Oriole
Blue Birds Love Insects!

Somewhere Near Glencoe, CA – Blue birds
Blue Birds 1
The Amazing, Photogenic Stick Insect!
A Sweet Design!
Praying Mantis Closeup

Portrait of A Killer
Crazy For Peanuts
Painted Lady on Mexican Sage
Life Begins In Spring
Desert Spider Beetle – Anza Borrego
Desert Iguana – Anza Borrego

Cormorant in B&W
Kori Bustard B&W
Spot Me
Old One
White Egret
White Egret – Cline’s Pond

The Green Winged Macaw
Humming Bird Feeding on Red Sage
“In his hand is the life of every creature…”
Ape Moods
Ape Moods

Blue Morpho
Female Julia Butterfly
Butterfly on Me, Butterfly on You
San Diego Wild Animal Park Butterfly Exhibit
Black-Crowned Night Heron – Monochrome
Lake Hodges Bike/Pedestrian Bridge

Losing It
Male Acmon Blue Near Idyllwild
Giant Swallowtail Butterfly (Papilio cresphontes)
Beautiful Pest