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archive for ‘birds’

Ducks In Spring
Great Black and White Heron
Reservations, Please
Male Bullocks Oriole
Female Bullocks Oriole

Blue Birds Love Insects!
Somewhere Near Glencoe, CA – Blue birds
Blue Birds 1
Life Begins In Spring
Cormorant in B&W
Kori Bustard B&W

White Egret
White Egret – Cline’s Pond
The Green Winged Macaw
Humming Bird Feeding on Red Sage
“In his hand is the life of every creature…”
Black-Crowned Night Heron – Monochrome

Lake Hodges Bike/Pedestrian Bridge
A Misty Morning
A Plethora of Woodpeckers
Somewhere Near Idyllwild II
Black and White McCaw
You just don’t see this every day…

Portrait of a Pelican
Humming bird perched near Mexican Sage
Showing Them How It’s Done
Osprey Catching Trout – Mammoth Lakes
Shoebill On The Move
Reptiles – The Other White Meat…

Sedona 2007
Humming Bird Silhouette – Daley Ranch
Orange You Glad To See Me?
High Voltage WoodPecker
Blue Birds
Humming Bird Feeding