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archive for ‘black and white’

The Piano As Art – “Pianicus Rex”
Ducks In Spring
Somewhere Near Falls Church – Film Noir
The Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Monument at Night

A Visit To DC
The Old Covered Bridge at Paradise Park, Santa Cruz
I Am Small
Blowing In The Wind
A Farewell To Austria
The Sound of Music at Patio Playhouse in Escondido 2

The Sound of Music at Patio Playhouse in Escondido
Sunrise at the Meadow
The Sacramento Capitol Dome
The Amazing, Photogenic Stick Insect!
Creative Praise Night in Mira Mesa

Flying Fortress Over San Diego
On The Forest Floor
The Devil’s Postpile
“Cloud Pano”
South Mono Lake Tufas

South Mono Lake Tufas
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet Portrait
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet
Exploring Bodie – The School House
Exploring Bodie – Abandoned Room To Let
Exploring Bodie – Textures, Great Character, and…Chicken Wire

Wellington Piano – Chicago
Stephen C. Meyer – Portrait in B&W
The Hyatt Hotel in B&W – Downtown San Diego
Arrival at Brown Field – San Diego, CA
Cormorant in B&W
Kori Bustard B&W

Spot Me
Old One
Zeppelin NT “Eureka” Flies San Diego Skies
Merry Christmas, San Diego!  Mount Soledad From The Air
Carly Fiorina Speaks To World Trade Center San Diego

Trumpet By Frank Holton
Sunset Moment
John Mark Reynolds – Christian Web Conference at Biola University
The Aerial San Diego Project – Old Point Loma Lighthouse
The Aerial San Diego Project – Palomar Observatory