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The Lincoln Memorial at Night
The Memory of Abraham Lincoln
Happy New Year From DailyFrame!
Jefferson Monument at Night
A Visit To DC
The Old Covered Bridge at Paradise Park, Santa Cruz

CH-46 Sea Knights Over San Diego Bay
Historian David Barton of WallBuilders
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet Portrait
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet
Exploring Bodie – Going To Church
Exploring Bodie – The Standard Stamp Mill

Exploring Bodie – The School House
Exploring Bodie – Abandoned Room To Let
Exploring Bodie – Textures, Great Character, and…Chicken Wire
Downtown Flight – The USS Midway
Merry Christmas, San Diego!  Mount Soledad From The Air
The San Diego Aerial Project – The New Point Loma Lighthouse

The Aerial San Diego Project – Hotel Del Coronado
SDAM Workbench and unfinished wing.
Evening Stroll at the Hotel Del
Line Of Sight – Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas
An Infamous Fence Line in Dallas
Jerome, AZ – Population 350… and 1 Large Movie Projector

Bikers Parked By the Connor Hotel – Jerome, Arizona
To Those Who Served..
The Russians Are Coming!
Montezuma’s Castle
Berkeley at San Diego Harbor