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archive for ‘rural’

Sunrise at the Meadow
Exploring Bodie – Going To Church
Exploring Bodie – The Standard Stamp Mill
Exploring Bodie – Textures, Great Character, and…Chicken Wire
Life Begins In Spring
White Egret

Aerial San Diego – Bates Nut Farm
Located:  The Great Pumpkin
White Egret – Cline’s Pond
Somewhere Near Friendship, New York
Hay For Sale
Somewhere Near Hemet

Male Acmon Blue Near Idyllwild
Somewhere Near Idyllwild II
Somewhere Near Idyllwild
Fascinated by water
Moved To Exit 359

A Lazy Afternoon
Hayride In The Sierras
Painter and Painted
Black Bear – Mammoth Lakes
Yellow Fishing Boat – Mammoth Lakes
The Jerome Quick Mart

The Flatirons – Boulder, CO