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archive for ‘still-life’

The Lincoln Memorial at Night
Blowing In The Wind
GMC Truck As Fine Art
On The Forest Floor
A Sweet Design!
Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year from DailyFrame

“Endangered Species”
South Mono Lake Tufas
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet Portrait
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet
Exploring Bodie – Going To Church
Exploring Bodie – The School House

Exploring Bodie – Abandoned Room To Let
Exploring Bodie – Textures, Great Character, and…Chicken Wire
Wellington Piano – Chicago
Summer Is For Grilling!
Trumpet By Frank Holton
Gran Turismo, meet Quattroporte

Piano Lines
Benched Ford
White Tulips

Somewhere Near Waco…
Cracked Up
Love is…
Jerome, AZ – Population 350… and 1 Large Movie Projector
Wooden Bandito
To Those Who Served..

The Russians Are Coming!
“Time Piece”
Keep The Faith
Get Your Vasectomy Checked!
Nickel Macro
Up Close And Personal With Stamens

Depth of Ball II
Depth of Ball
Shadow Flag
Breathing Apparatus II
Breathing Apparatus

Still Sharp
Suddenly Blue
Beach Cruiser
Angles II