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archive for ‘antique’

GMC Truck As Fine Art
Exploring Bodie – 1937 Chevrolet
Exploring Bodie – The Standard Stamp Mill
Exploring Bodie – The School House
Exploring Bodie – Abandoned Room To Let
Exploring Bodie – Textures, Great Character, and…Chicken Wire

Wellington Piano – Chicago
Downtown Flight – The USS Midway
Boeing Stearman Biplane
Boeing Stearman Biplane
Trumpet By Frank Holton
Somewhere Near Friendship, New York

Hay For Sale
The San Diego Aerial Project – The New Point Loma Lighthouse
The Aerial San Diego Project – Old Point Loma Lighthouse
Christmas Village
Somewhere Near Waco…
Cracked Up

Moved To Exit 359
Jeweler’s Loupe
Jerome, AZ – Population 350… and 1 Large Movie Projector
The Jerome Quick Mart
To Those Who Served..
The Russians Are Coming!

“Time Piece”
Nickel Macro
Still Sharp
Berkeley at San Diego Harbor
Dos Coupes

Fuel Injection
Blue ’34